Our customer's often ask us about our artwork. Our artwork is inspired by our passion for the retro style and for hot rods. We invite you to look at some of our past and present artwork. We have three different galleries below to feature our artwork.

How Do We Come Up With The Artwork?

Our clients frequently ask this question and the answer is quite simple... It all depends on the client.

Our passion is ART!

Some clients have specific artwork in mind for their design. For example some our clients have a favorite vehicle or airplane that they want us to incorporate into the design, other clients have a specific branding image for their company that conveys their presence. We also have some clients that have no clue what they really want and they grant us creative freedom to design something that represents their brand.

Whatever the case, our job is simple... To deliver the highest quality artwork to make you look like a true professional. Our passion is ART!


Stith Printing Inc. Gallery:

Stith Corporate Gallery

View our collection of artwork that has been requested by our corporate clients.
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Cars, Truck, and Planes
Cars, Trucks, and Planes

View our collection of cars, trucks, and airplanes that have been requested by our customers.
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Embroidery Gallery
Our Embroidery Gallery

Embroidery is one of our specialties. View some of our samples.
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